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NINJA Solana Token

Author: Not A Millionaire

Tue Aug 15 2023


BLOCKCHAIN - It has become more clear in recent time that everything about cryptocurrencies has morphed into something that was really not expected.  Sure people are still trading the big ones like Bitcoin and Ethereum.  If you were to look at the activity on all the big exchanges, that sort of thing is alive and well.  But you could also look at things like the collapse of FTX to see how and why that sort of thing is so dangerous and risky.  As such, the internet has come up with entirely different ways to play in the same sandbox. Projects for smaller people, and those that are looking for things that involve other human beings, sometimes known as a "community". There are newer models.  Newer projects.  Newer ideas. 

I seem to say this alot. I've written about this before, so I'll try not to repeat myself... But still, it does crack me up how this whole thing took on a life of its own, entirely generated by the ideas of millions of people with no clear plan at all.  No one predicted it.  No one knows what's coming.  That's why after all this time, I'm still writing stuff about it, and there is always something new.

So what's THIS all about?
Here we have a new project with new NFTs and a new token.  This is centered around the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  If you have been alive and not under a rock at any time for the past 40 years or so, you must know who those dudes are.  They went from comics to TV to the movies.  And they are still around today.  In this case, we have a set of NFTs on the Solona chain, and a token to go along with them.  Let's go ahead and make a little list of links for you to follow:


Token info



When I use the word "community" in talking about these sort of things, I am trying to illustrate exactly how a project like this gets off the ground.  This is how community works.  In this case, Discord is the primary hub for this project.  And they make use of other social media like Twitter (X), Telegram, and various coin exchanges, to generate interest, spread the word, and generally get people engaged.  Sometimes some random member of that community will write up a blog story about, to further help spread the word.  This is exceedingly similar to a story I wrote a few weeks ago about the PEPE Solona token.  It's not just similar.  Some of the same people from that community are the people that started up THIS project.  

So I know all of these people, at least in the virtual sense.  I was already talking to them, and seeing what their intentions were.  And that is why I was there at the ground floor when, BAM, new Discord server, new token, new NFTs, new staking possibilities, and all the rest.


The person that put this project together had been mulling over the whole thing for months, until he finally pulled the trigger.  And when he did, he did it the right way.  He created the new server, got members, started generating a buzz about it.  He then created a whitelist for the NFTs so that early adopters could mint for free.  By the way, "free" is only for the cost of the NFT itself.  You still need to pay fees on the blockchain.  I feel that is a good thing to mention because people are sometimes blindsided by that.

Once all that was out there, he created the new NINJA token.  Along with that came a few very important things... Adoption by a few known and trusted exchanges, adoption by a couple of trusted wallets like HeyWallet and MoonLana (which is convenient for members on Discord passing stuff around), and farming/staking possibilities on even more exchanges.  He immediately rewarded the early adopters with an airdrop of the token.  For my part in this, I had so much NINJA to work with at that point that I staked about half of it, and it is currently earning so much every day that I earned back as much as I've staked.  And it's still earning like mad every day.

And because the owners are pushing and plugging the token all over social media, and engaging the users to do the same, the value of the token is holding steady and climbing.

The one thing missing from this story appears to be about the Ninja Turtles themselves.

Well yeah...  Sorry about that.  But other than the artwork, I don't really think that matters much.  Sorry if that sounds short sighted.  But it seems to me that the owners needed a theme.  It could have been anything.  But they opted to go with Ninja Turtles.  Because, let's face it, they ARE awesome.  And as you can see from the artwork included in this article, there is no shortage of really excellent artwork to generate around them!  The two posted are here 2 of the NFTs that I own.

As always I will never steer my readers the wrong way. I will always be involved in a project before I write about it and give any recommendations. This program is no exception. I've checked it out, I'm active in their Discord, I'm a holder of assets. I can say with confidence that this is a project worth checking out.

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