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PipeFlare Faucet Site

Author: Normal internet user

Mon Apr 04 2022


BLOCKCHAIN - Over the years that I've been writing this blog, I have mentioned a few times how it's exceedingly difficult to find sites that are useful, trustworthy, fun to use, and actually allow you to withdraw stuff.

It's so unusual in fact that I really haven't found many sites like that.  This one is like that though.

Before I go any further here...  Yes, this article is a plug.  I am absolutely promoting the site for the sake of getting referrals which, in turn, work out for me.  Now that that's out there...  My view on this sort of thing is that most, if not all of you reading this site, are hoping to learn some new things, and find some new ways to make a little money.  So once I find a site that is trustworthy, and actually fun and useful, I have no problem passing that information along.  It's good for you, for me, and for the site.  It's a win, win, win...

What is PipeFlare?
They are basically a pay-to-play and faucet site.  You play games, you earn tokens.  You can stake tokens.  You can buy things on the site.  All that sort of thing.  There are 3 tokens in use:

  • ZEC or ZCash:  This is a real coin that is supported by CoinBase, and many others.  I mention CoinBase, because you can set up an automatic withdraw, and it will send to your wallet automatically.
  • Flare Token:  This is the local token.  You can stake this to earn more, once you get over 500 of them.  You can withdraw to any ETH wallet like MetaMask.
  • MATIC:  Yes  Matic.  The actual Polygon Matic.  Minimum withdraw is 0.240.  i am currently at 0.05.  We'll see what happens when I reach the minimum withdrawal amount.

These coins can all be claimed every 24 hours.  ZEC can additionally be collected by playing their games.  If you rank in the top 300, which is not difficult to do, you will receive about $0.01 worth of ZEC.  Oddly enough, they say this is DAI.  But it's not.  I have no explanation for why they say DAI, but then give you the equivalent amount in ZEC. 

About the the games


Those 4 listed there are the ones that actually pay to play.  There are others, but they offer no reward.  I've played them all.  Of the 4, I really like the Space Shooter game the best.  It's the only one of the 4 where you can actually have some fun playing the game for a little while without getting killed almost immediately.  The other 3 are like that.  You get about 2 to 5 seconds of gameplay before your character gets killed, and you have to start over.  Which, as a child of 80's arcade games, just makes me angry and annoyed.

In any case, the real object of any of these games is to collect the Flare tokens and the point coins.  The points is what you collect to get on the leader board.  The Flare tokens are, as described above, tokens that can be staked or withdrawn.

What else does the site offer?
I'm glad you asked...  There is the referral program.  If you get people to sign up using your referral link (see above), you get additional rewards for your daily claims.  If you are too impatient for that, you can purchase referrals.  I have never done this.  Don't know how well it works.  There is also a "Premium" level user which you can purchase which, again, gives you larger rewards.  And, again, I don't know about this.  I don't know what the return on that investment is because I have not tried it, and I have not done the math.  Everything I'm talking about here is all in the Free Tier.

They also have NFTs for sale.  Owning one of this gives you access to another set of daily rewards.  And here...  Again...  I have not done that because honestly, the NFTs are WAY too expensive.  I have said many times before, and I stick to that here...  I don't blindly throw money at sites like this.  Not because I don't trust them.  But more because I would have to shuffle money around in order to get it to a place where I can make a purchase, and THAT action would cost me more money than it's worth.  If you are a person that already has some crypto in the right place, it might be easier for you.

Is it worth it?
Super short answer, yes. 

Longer answer...  Like I pointed out at the beginning, I have no problem making a plug for a site once I have actually used and played with it for a while and it passes the following criteria:

  • It does not scam you
  • It does not ask for money up front
  • It does not have ridiculously high withdrawal minimums
  • The tokens it uses are actually REAL and useful.  They have value.

So, yeah...  This one is worth checking out!


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