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Chiko & Roko NFT Collectibles

Author: Normal internet user

Thu Apr 07 2022


INTERNET - Here is a mighty unusual site for you.  Normally I write about cryptocurrency, or faucets, or to complain about cryptocurrency...  But this time, I have something totally unique to share.

The Chiko & Roko project is a collection of NFT collectible "Toys".  They are releasing at least one a day (sometimes more) and have been every day for a while now.  I found the site back in early March 2022, and have been collecting them ever since.  Collecting them pretty much consists of visiting the site and collecting the thing before they run out.  Which happens.  It looks like they give out over 20k of these each a day.  And they get snapped up fast.

The site looks like this:


Every day they release one of these things.  I put the word Toys in quotes before because that's what they call them.  They are 3D models, not flat objects like you normally see.  They come in two forms. The Chiko, which is the round hedgehog one with the spikes, and the Roko which looks more like a cartoon rabbit.  Whatever kind is released on that day, it will have some sort of unique design to it, and sometimes include props.

When I first started collecting them, it was during the Paralympic Games.  For that reason, every day they released one that was either directly related to a single country or to an individual event.

But there's more...  
To be sure, this is the most amusing part of it all.  Not only are they 3D models that you can spin around in the webapp once you claim it, you can also launch the model into AR mode.


AR stands for Augmented Reality.  If you are not familiar with this concept, it can easily be explained that it means you can use the camera on your phone to see the model in the real world environment that you happen to be in.  Which means that you can drop your new "Toy" next to your cat in the kitchen.


Or put him on the counter


Or on the dashboard in your car while you're getting gas.


Or have him stare longingly out the window with your cat.


Or have him help you cook some soup 


Or sneak up on your cat and whack him with a pillow


He deserved that too.  Because he was being badly behaved that day and started a fight with one of our other cats.

Are they actually NFTs?
By all accounts, they will be.  I cannot say for sure what the timeline is on this.  But at some point they will be releasing whatever you collect to the ETH chain.  You provide your ETH wallet (MetaMask for instance), and when they are done with this promotional period, they will mint them all to your wallet.

The main thing that I am really not sure of is what that means for the AR versions of these things.  Because in order for the AR to work at all, you need to be viewing the thing inside their webapp.  Presumably they have some plan.  I just don't know what that is.

So yeah, today's blog entry is a plug for a project that I think is funny, creative, and just a feel-good idea.  They seem to have enlisted the help of artists from all over the world to come up with all these different designs.  In that respect it may be one of the most collaborative efforts I've yet seen in the NFT space.

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