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Selling a Bitcoin Cash Wallet Inside an NFT

Author: Some selling guy

Mon Apr 18 2022


OPENSEA - The headline is a good place to start with this.  I am trying to do something that I don't think I've seen anyone attempt before.  And really, I'm not sure why.  Because it seems like a really good idea.

What I'm doing is utilizing the feature in OpenSea to use "unlockable content" to sell a cryptocurrency wallet.

What in the world am I talking about?
Let's start at the beginning.  A few years ago I was active on a faucet site that allowed collecting and withdrawing Bitcoin Cash (BCH).  I wrote about this while it was going on.  But there is no point in linking to that story now as the site is now completely defunct.  But during the course of a couple of years, I was able to withdraw some 0.08613 BCH.  At the time, it wasn't worth much, which is why I was able to collect so much. But now it's worth like $29!

But there is a problem with this.  In the time after I had made my last deposit to that wallet, the owners of BCH did some sort of fork on the chain.  And now I cannot get the funds out of the wallet.

You will probably have to refer to someone else's blog to get a better explanation about what a fork is and how it works.  But from what I read, the owners of the coin made a new primary chain for the BCH data, and this wallet is on the secondary chain.  Supposedly, we will still have access to it.  Presumably, if you have the right software, you can sweep this wallet into another account.  It's just that I don't know how to do that and have had no luck.

So I'm stuck with this wallet that I've seen be worth as much as $80, and I have no way to get the funds out of it.

So this is my plan
In short, I want to sell the wallet.  That is, the private key for it.  With that private key, you can sweep that wallet.  I tried a few different ways to sell it over the past few months, and couldn't get any real interest.  Mostly because there was no way to perform such a transaction that is 100% trustworthy.  And that goes for both buyer and seller.  So I know why that was a problem.

So my solution is to utilize the functionality of the "unlockable content" that OpenSea provides when minting a new NFT.  The simple explanation for it is that you can have some data that can ONLY be viewed by the owner of the NFT.  No one else can see it except for the owner.  So I can sell the NFT to someone, and then THEY will have access to that content.  And that content is the private key for this wallet.

Does this sound like something you are interested in?
Well, I hope so.  Because that's why I wrote this whole thing up...  Here is the link for the sale.  The NFT is for sale for $20USD.  Although that price will fluctuate as the market does.  In any case, I set that price to be about 2/3rd with the wallet is currently worth. 

So you know...  There is a chance that a person could buy this and be stuck with it the same way that I am.  So I am saying outright that there is a risk here.  And if you plan to buy this thing, that is the risk you are taking.  After reading this, it should be pretty clear that I am not hiding anything, and I'm being as clear about all of it as I can be.

My hope is that whomever buys the thing will succeed in sweeping the funds from it and make an immediate profit.  And, what would be even better would be if the price of BCH goes up, you can sell if for even more!

That would be the absolute best case scenario.  Because that way, everyone wins.  And that is my hope.

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