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Some More Faucet Sites You Might Like

Author: Coin Collector

Tue Jul 05 2022


INTERNET - I've been using this site to tell stories and give out good information.  But once in a while i like to do a story that is a blatant plug for a service.  This is one of those stories.  I am absolutely writing this now, not because I own or work for the company, or even know anything about them.  I'm not even sure that i will ever be able to gather enough to withdraw.  In an effort to find out, I'm drawing attention to the site now, and hope that some of you readers click the referral link and start earning.  Because in doing so, you will be earning for me to.

Nice that I have to open this story with a disclaimer that, "yep, it's a plug."  But at least you know from the onset what this is about, and that, yeah, it would be great if you click this here referral banner.


It is a faucet site that gives free TRON (TRX) every hour.  TRX is the token.  TRON is the common name for it.  Sort of like how BTC is the coin commonly known as BitCoin.

Now that that is out of the way
I wouldn't have even taken the time to do this if I didn't have a story to tell about the site.  This story starts with explaining how the site works and what it does.

Here is the short list of instructions...  You go to the site, you click ROLL, and you will get a number.  That number corresponds to a table showing what is the value of that roll.  Then your account is credited that much.  You can come back once every hour and collect again.  You also can visit their Twitter feed to get a promo code that allows you one extra roll.

The minimum withdraw to your Tron wallet is 40 TRX.  And, here is where I have my first problem with this.  The payout for each roll is 0.00450315 TRON.  Which means that you would need to roll about 8882.67 times to qualify for a withdraw.  Thank goodness for that one extra roll you can get every day.  If you rolled every hour of every day for 370 days, you would have enough for a withdraw.

There is a way to speed this up.  There is a payout table that shows you that if you roll above a certain amount, you could earn much more for that roll.  And this is what actually annoys the crap out of me.  The payout table specifies that everything BELOW 9885 is worth that 0.004.  If you roll 9886, you get 0.45.  That is 100x more.  That would be worth 100 rolls!!  If you roll above 9965, it jumps up to 4.5 which is 1000 rolls!!

But here's the thing.  That never EVER happens.  Ever.  I've been visiting the site and clicking that button probably 20 times a day for over a year.  The closest I've seen to getting more than the minimum was the day I rolled a 9884.  

I actually screen grabbed that one and posted it to their Twitter account to say, "Are you just trying to piss me off?!"


It was that, actually, that prompted me to write this article. 

It occurs to me now that I need to fill in another part of this story, because that screen grab does not say what I said it says.  You will notice that the numbers on the payout table are different.  That is because that screen grab was not from the TRON version of the site.  That grab comes from the MATIC version of the site.  Which is literally they exact same site in every way, except that rather than TRON, it uses MATIC.

I really should have mentioned this earlier.  But since I'm here now, I will explain this part.  The FREE Tron site was the first.  That is the one that I've been using all this time.  But the owners of that project recently expanded it to include, BTC, ETH, XRP, NEM, ADA, USDT, USDC, BNB, Dash, NEO, LINK, LTC, Doge, SHIB, and CAKE in addition to the TRON and MATIC mentioned here.

They literally cloned their TRON site and made versions that support each of those currencies.  So I use the TRON and MATIC versions.  Just those two...  I keep tabs for them both open on my phone all the time, and just do the rolls whenever the moment strikes me.  But I don't have enough time or capacity for annoyance to go to ALL of those sites.

Is it worth it?
That is always the question, isn't it?  All I can say with absolute certainty is maybe.  Until I am able to perform a withdraw, I cannot say for certain that these sites are worth it or legitimate.  It's taken me over a year to amass 12 TRX on the one.  So I'm a little over 25% of the way there.  Unless I roll more than the minimum at least once, it's going to take me about another 3 years before I can tell you for certain.

The only way I will really be able to do this in any sort of reasonable time is, as I mentioned, for readers to click the referral link and start earning.  That might get me a little closer.  Then I can update this article and tell you all how it went!

UPDATE - as of the afternoon of the day I wrote it...
The folks who run the site this article is all about, saw the article, and tipped me some TRX.  Which was unexpected, and a really cool thing for them to do.  This of course, raises the legitimacy level of this project to a much higher level.  Thank you very much, guys!

Also - one more update that I promised.  I had enough TRX that I was able to send a withdraw.  The withdraw went through to my wallet quickly, and with no fees.  So I can absolutely say that everything about this project IS legitimate.

And thank you, guys, again!


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