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Build Your Own NFT Marketplace

Author: Some NFT Seller

Fri Nov 18 2022


INTERNET - This is a story about how you can build your own NFT Marketplace.  You can sell items that you own, no matter how you obtained them.  You can even put stuff up for sale that you don't own, and simply collect the commission for the sale.  The tool also includes a module for swapping cryptocurrency, on which you can also collect commissions.  Before I say anything else about this, I must state that this is not some sort of a tutorial.  This article is more of an overview and to tell of my experience using the system.  It's also a shameless self promotion, because I want you to visit the site! I will provide all the links you will need if you decide you want to follow through and build one of your own.

Now that that is out of the way
I will tell you the story of how I built my own NFT Marketplace using the tools provided by DexKit.

I've been working the NFT space for a while now, and I've had a really good time with WAX, and have a whole lot of stuff going on there.  Last year I started looking for some other ways to make some sales.  OpenSea was where I ended up minting some stuff.  I wrote about that site a while ago.  I won't get into it again.  But suffice to say, I've been on the lookout for an alternative.  Something over which I had more control.  Something that would eliminate the middleman.  As it happens, I saw an ad for DexKit and their tool for creating my own site.  And they provide the hosting.  And I can use my own domain.  So I thought that seemed like something worth looking into.

And so I did.


If you want to just cut to the chase, you can see the final version of the story I'm telling here at  All of the NFTs are on the Polygon chain, which is the cheaper alternative to the stupid-expensive, impossible to work with ETH chain.  Actually, Polygon MATIC, as it is called, works on the ETH chain, but is not ETH.  If you want to know more about how these things exist in the same chain, but they are not on the same chain, you can read this article, where I complain in great detail about the whole mess of it.

It is worth pausing here for a moment to explain why it's important to own and control my own marketplace.
There are a lot of marketplaces.  Many of them are slow, cumbersome, and difficult to navigate.  You are constrained by what they allow you to sell and how the items are organized.  But most importantly, from my point of view, the market is absolutely saturated.  There is SO much garbage out there.  So much worthless stuff.  There is very low confidence among consumers.  And because of that, it's very difficult to attract buyers.  It's very difficult to make sales.  This marketplace is an effort to tone all of that down, and make it easier for people to find something that they like, and something of value.

The NFTs that I have for sale are basically a bunch of mine that I created and minted on OpenSea, and a bunch of others that I have enough of that they constitute a set, and for that I can sell them as their own category.  And see, that right there is something you can't do on OpenSea.  And it illustrates one of the upshots of building my own site.  I can arrange the pages however I want.  I can post whatever I want.  And the control panel they've built for creating and arranging all that stuff is really nice.  It's clean, and easy to use.

How do you get started?
I said I wasn't going to make a tutorial.  But just the same, I'm glad you asked.  Go to this site here:

Get your MetaMask ready.  You will need that and a wallet.  Once you connect your wallet and make your account, you will be ready to create your own marketplace.

The first things you do are to set up the basics, name, logo, etc...  Next you would set up the domain you wish to use.  This is one part that may trip people up.  Because this is not something that everyone knows how to do.  In short, you need to own the domain and have control over the DNS records so you can point it to their servers.  Because THEY are hosting this thing.  In my case, I used a subdomain, and created an alias in the DNS that points to the correct host server.  If this all just went right over your head, don't feel bad.  You're not alone.

This is why I'm not going to write a tutorial.  It would take up far too much time and space in an article that is supposed to be telling a story.

The next section you will see is where the real fun begins.  Here is where you can set up the individual sections for your site.  They give you a number of default layouts which you can edit.  They include Featured Items, a video template, Call to Action, and custom pages.  With that, you can create a completely custom layout and build something unique.

I have really only made use of a couple of those presets.  I like the Featured Item sections pictured here.

Click image for larger, readable size

I put 3 of them on my page.  One for each of the sets I mentioned before.  I also used a custom layout for the top part of the page that serves as a title.  I messed around a lot with that custom page builder, and it's pretty involved.  It's a pretty complete page builder that even allows you to add your own HTML.  You can also set custom menus and links for the header and the footer, which I used to point to external sites to promote the rest of my projects.

The one thing that I have used the most in that system is to add items for sale, as seen above.  You can add individual items there.  Please note that you cannot mint items here.  Whatever you are planning on adding must already be minted.  The system supports a couple of different types of NFTs depending on how they were minted.  Two of the types that I ran into, look like this when viewing the details on OpenSea:




Wait, what's the difference?  Actually, I have no idea.  The only explanation I have is that they are different protocols for how the NFTs were minted.  The ones NOT minted on OpenSea are the ERC-721.  And they are more widely supported.  OpenSea support is still pretty new, and as such still has some kinks to work out.  For instance, I have already had problems with OpenSea items when accepting offers.  Selling outright works.  Taking offers is still not working (I've been in contact with the developer, this should be fixed soon).  The bottom line is, the ERC-721 work far better, and have no errors or hangups at all.

In my case, I had only ever worked with and minted on OpenSea.  So I had to wait around for a few weeks until the new version of the tools rolled out that supported OpenSea at all.

The super-fast instructions for adding an item are basically this....  Those details pictured there include the contract ID and the Token ID.  Just copy those and paste them in place.  Then add in the name of the thing.  The tool will grab all the necessary information on that item from the minted record. 

So when you go to look at your published page as a regular user, a preview of that item will now show up.  And this brings one important thing to mind.  You cannot put items up for sale from the control panel.  You can only create the entries for the items.  To sell them, you need to go into your site as a regular user.

When you click on that preview it takes you to the sale page.  From there you will see a "Make offer" button.  If you wait for a moment, it will change to "Sell".  And from there you can create a listing for the item.  You can make multiple listings for different tokens.  Whatever you want to do.  Also, if you own the same NFT on a different account, you can go to your marketplace with THAT wallet and create another version of the sale.

The last feature to discuss is the Swap module
This appears to be a tool that the creators had out and running long before the NFT Marketplace tools were built.  And this is a really helpful tool to have around.  I've used it myself a bunch of times, because there have been cases where I needed a currency that I didn't have on hand.  I was able to swap here with no troubles.  Since I don't generally trust exchanges nowadays, I more prefer doing swaps like this.  One good thing about this is where I had a few coins that I was not able to use at all.  I was not able to swap them in other tools.  I was able to use this one.  So, evidently this swap tool works better, and supports more, than some others I've used.  And the other nice thing is that, if people use the tool, I collect the fees for it.  And you could too if you decide to follow up on this whole thing by building your own site.

What is my stake in this?
Well, I really don't have one other than what I've told about here.  I've been working on this project as an end user for the past couple of months.  This involved a lot of troubleshooting, bug reporting, and general conversation with the developers.  Both to help me understand things better, and also to help them troubleshoot their tools.  This is an evolving project that is still in development.

To learn more about the entirety of this DexKit project, feel free to read their docs that explain everything there is to know about them.

Update 2022-11-20:  Right after I posted this article, they added a new YouTube video to help get you started in how the control panel works.

There will be more links and resources added to this article as they become available.  This project is still being developed.  And as such their docs are not complete.  It is people like myself working with them that are helping move the development forward.

In conclusion
If this all seems confusing, sorry about that.  As i stated before, I wanted to write about this, I wanted to tell the story.  But I can't spend too much time on every little detail about this.  You would have already closed this page and moved on to other things.  There is a lot here...  But it is not insurmountable.  If you are interested in building your own NFT Marketplace, I encourage you to do so.  Take things one step at a time.  Follow the links provided here.  Join their Discord.  The developers have been very helpful and friendly.  And for that matter, if you look over the existing chats, a LOT of what we discussed is right there in the public threads.  And reading that will help you understand much better what got MY Marketplace to where it is now.

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