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Trump Has Made a Major Announcement

Author: NFTPromoter

Thu Dec 15 2022


INTERNET - HaHAHaahahAAHahaha!!  AHahaHAahahaaAhaha!!  Wait.  Hahahahahaha!!!!11!!11!1one!!

Ok.  Sorry about that.  Hahahaahaaha... Alright, I'm ready to type now.

Donald J Trump.  A name that I have refused to type as anything other than "Drumpf" for the past few years - I am typing it today.  Because this time, I WANT his name to be seen.  I want the search engines to pick it up.  Because I want him to be mocked relentlessly for this utterly silly, and comically foolish new venture of his.  Hahaaahahahaha LOL ahahahahaaHaha!!!  Sorry... 

The story goes like this...  Just yesterday the internets were abuzz with speculation about an announcement that Trump planned to make today.  That speculation was along the lines of, "will it be his pick for Veep?" and "Is he going to be speaker of the House?!" and "Is he finally going to turn himself in for all the criming he's been doing?"  Yeah, that last one is going to make me start laughing again.

Nope...  None of those things were it.  His announcement is that he has released a new NFT collection!!  HahahaHaha!!1  HahaAahaa!!1!!eleven!!11!!!!  Haha. Ha.

He's selling a bunch of badly Photoshopped head swaps of himself on a superhero body, or a race car driver, etc...  All things that he is not.  Not in real life.  All of these cards are nothing but how he sees himself.  Not in reality.  Just in the fantasy world.  


For all the time that I spend writing satire, and generally making fun of Trump and his followers, I could not have come up with anything as absurd as this really is.


Hahaha. Ahahaaha!! Hahahaaha!  This is really better than even the best thing The Onion could have written.


No I will not be linking to his collection.  I'm sure they will sell just fine without my help.  Because of course they will.  For all the laughing I'm doing about this, there are legions of people that are looking these images with great admiration.  And that, is the one thing about this story that isn't funny.  That is about as sad as it gets.

But, like I said before, I want this story to be found.  I want it to be read.  And here it the point where I link up my OWN NFT marketplace and my OWN NFT Collections!!  Unlike Donald f'n Trump, I actually need the money.  If you were as entertained reading this article as I was writing it, then please, visit my shops and help me out.  I'm not asking for $99 each either.  LOL....

#TrumpIsALaughingStock #VoteBlue2024 #trumpisdone #Trump2024 #TrumpCrimeFamily #Trumpisgoingtoprison #NFTs

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