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HeyWallet on Twitter and Discord

Author: Not A Millionaire

Mon Feb 13 2023


TWITTER - One of the interesting things about the internet in this day and age is that you never know when something new and innovative is going to suddenly appear.  That is even more true now that the blockchain has given rise to the new WEB3 standards of programming.  This means that new wallets, tokens, exchanges, games, NFTs, and all manner of things related to those things, are popping up all the time.  I can't write about all of it.  Partly because I'm probably only aware of about 5% of what is out there.  Partly because most of it is crap or scams anyway.  But more than anything else, the reason is that I will only write about something that seems to be worth writing about.  Today, we have a project that is worth some words.

That project is the HeyWallet.  I discovered this this a couple of weeks ago as I was noticing many of the accounts I follow on Twitter using the phrase "@hey_wallet send [amount] [this coin] to first 500 retweets and follows".  Or something similar to that.  So I went to see what it's all about.


I went and created a wallet.  The above image is the transaction screen from the wallet.

This is probably a good place to explain what this is all about
HeyWallet is a crypto multi-wallet that runs on the SOL blockchain.  The wallet itself appears to function like any other wallet.  You can send funds to it, and you can send funds to other wallets on the same chain.  All of that is pretty routine.  What makes this wallet different - what makes the project different - is the method used to pass money around.

The primary interface for the wallet comes in the form of a Twitter Bot.  As I mentioned above, you can send a Tweet with a command to the bot, telling it to send a certain coin to anyone that reacts to your Tweet in a predescribed fashion.  Like retweeting, or following, or both.  Once you send that command, the bot responds that it is ready to go.  From then on, anyone who follows the directions will have that coin sent to their wallet.  Anyone who has a HeyWallet linked to their Twitter account can take advantage of this functionality.

Sending a Tweet like this, for instance,
@hey_wallet send 44444 $CHILI to the first 444 retweets

Will prompt the bot to send 44444 CHILI to the first 444 people that retweet.  The image above shows the log of actions where the bot has sent CHILI, FRONK, and DOGGO to my wallet because I responded to Tweets like those.  At any given time, there are 20 or 30 of those sorts of Tweets on my feed.  It more or less boils down to free money.  Well, money for minimal action, anyway.

This explains how the service can be used for personal gain
But there is more to it than that.  You can also use the service for self-promotion.  In fact, if you didn't gather this already, that is actually the most useful part of this.  It's great being able to collect 2 or 3 cents a day by reacting to people's requests.  But what is better is that I can set up my own promotions too.  I can send those commands.  And I can attach them to Tweets about projects which I am trying to push.

In short, I am offering a reward to people for sharing my promotions.  And it works.  I shared a link to my story about The Superb Owl last night.  I shared from one account, with no incentive.  It got 2 or 3 views, and 1 retweet.  I then posted the same thing, but added in a HeyWallet incentive, and it got some 200 retweets and views within about 2 minutes.  My thinking on this is that such incentives will gain me some new followers, who will retweet, which will allow me to gain even more followers.  And so on in a self-perpetuating cycle...

I like the idea well enough that I added a new entry for my ExperimentBot to randomly promote things and add a HeyWallet incentive to it.  I literally just did this last night.  So I don't know how effective it will be yet.  But my initial tests proved promising for the most part.  Except for one thing.  It seems that a whole lot of traffic collecting the tips is garbage traffic.  Accounts with 10 followers, bots, etc...  So like any other form of promotion, on Twitter in particular, there is a lot of nonsense to deal with.  But in the end, it doesn't cost me anything.  So whatever I gain from it is still a gain.

How is that, you wonder?

Well...  In the course of a couple of weeks playing around with the thing, I have amassed millions of certain coins.  Those are the coins that I am now using as incentives for my own promotions.  I will spend some 500k CHILI for one incentive, but collect 2M from others in the same span of time.

There is also a Discord Bot
Yes, this is also a thing.  Much like the Twitter bot, you can send coins from one wallet to another.  You need to register your wallet with the bot first.  Then you can do whatever you want.  The Discord bot doesn't seem to have the same sort of "out in the wild" functionality that the Twitter version has.  Discord is just not that kind of system.  But it does work.  And if you are having troubles or have any questions, the owners of the project are active on that server.

I suggest going there to read up on this project anyway, as well as get some more thorough information than I am providing in this super-simple write up.  There are also some helpful warnings there about how to avoid scams.  Because, of course there are scams.  Of course there are impersonators.  Of course there are people trying to jack the whole thing and profit for themselves.  Welcome to the modern age.

Any other issues?
The only other problems I've seen with this thing is that sometimes tips are not sent, or get lost.  Sometimes the provided instructions are bad, don't make sense, or are purposely misleading.  On example is someone saying that they will pay 2,000,000 CHILI for your retweets.   What ends up being paid to your wallet is 2 CHILI.  Because the bot doesn't see anything beyond that comma.  People are doing this on purpose.  There are other examples where people are purposely sending out those requests with errors in them, so that it appears they are giving out a lot, and in fact, they are giving nothing.

Sometimes you get hit with fees that you didn't expect.  Case in point, you have to pay a fee each time you accept a tip for a coin that you have not previously opened a slot for.  So if someone sends you CHILI and you have never received that before, you will have to pay some SOL from your wallet to open that slot.  

I have actually complained about that fee more than a few times and not gotten any response.  I'm guessing that this is how the owners of the project are making their money.  If 1000s of people are opening new slots in their wallet to the tune of $0.03 each, that probably adds up pretty quickly.  So, good for them I guess.  But still...  That's some pretty hefty fees.  Giving the owners $0.03 in order to claim $0.0001 is actually pretty messed up.  But it is only a one time fee.  and if you can just keep collecting money in that new slot indefinitely, you'll make that money back.  Or, as I pointed out, I'm using this service for my own promotion.  If I get a boatload of new traffic to my projects using this service, that makes it worth it to me.

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