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PEPE Solana Token

Author: Not A Millionaire

Thu May 11 2023


BLOCKCHAIN - Over the past few years, this blog has become more about relating experience with new projects than trying to educate people about blockchain technology.  And this story is no different.  Today we will talk about the PEPESolana token and the project around it.

One thing I have to address right away is that there is more than one coin named PEPE.  This has caused some confusion.  Even among people like me that think they know stuff.  What makes this worse is that at least one of these coins had been all over the news last week.  I'm not going to talk about that or link to any of it because that would cause confusion yet again.  So let's make sure this is all clear.

The coin I'm writing about is PEPE Solana.  If you don't see the logo like this:


You are looking at the wrong one.  Here are the two most important links for you to learn more.

Pepe site

Pepe Discord

PEPE Solana contract:  CYuXNHURE8cF3rQc1687DZnmsWx9ATNG3mZPFmryu22S
You absolutely cannot go wrong if you go by that.

It's worth mentioning the bit about the other coins because it interfered in my own research with a small project I gave myself.  I like to be able to track the value of coins that I'm holding without having to go look them up manually.  Google Sheets is great for that sort of thing.  Assuming you can find an API to get the current price automatically.  The trick is to find a service that you can make a request, and get a response that provides the information you need.  The first 3 or 4 services I tried were returning a price.  But it was not the right one. There is no way to elaborate more on this story without getting all sorts of nerdy.  And since most of you don't write PHP code all the time, you probably don't care.

In short, I found a service that provided the correct info, and I am able to use PHP to poll that service and isolate just the data that I need.  If you want to see the end result, check this out.  With that, as simple as the result is, I can use it in Google Sheets:


Or I can also use it in my Discord bot.


What's this all about?
Now that NFTs and crypto have been around for a while, it seems that the ecosystem has more or less settled on coins needing to have a purpose if they intend to compete and actually be worth something.  Just creating a coin for no reason still happens all the time.  But the reason you never hear of any of them is that without some sort of utility, no one will ever care about the coin.  The PEPE Solana coin in one of those that has a utility.  They have a whole business plan.  They have NFTs that can be staked.  In fact, they just did a big push for their newest collection.  That would be PEPE mocking the former US President.  If you are looking to collect some easy passive income, hold a few of these NFTs is a great way to start.

They have a casino also.  I'm not sure of the status of this token in that casino though.  It seems that the country from which the casino was running cracked down on unregulated currencies, and they were forced to no longer use SPL tokens which inlcude PEPE Solana.  I cannot claim to be an expert on this.  But it seems that country doesn't trust SPL tokens like this and that is pretty much the entire argument.

The owners of the PEPE Solana project response to this is VERY important.  Normally when something like this happens, the immediate fear is that the company is going to pull the rug, which means they liquidate everything and disappear into the night.  The owners of the PEPE Solana project didn't do that.  They FROZE their entire set of assets for 12 years.  Meaning that they cannot be liquidated.  It was their way of showing that this coin is not a "rug pull", and the project is still on.

It is actions like this that prompted me to write this article.  Because it shows an unusually high level of trust and integrity in the project.


What's my part in this?
Same as always.  I'm playing this game like everyone else.  I'm trying to find the right project that is going to provide some sort of income.  Somehow.  I stumbled on to this one.  And here's how...  A friend on Discord sent me an invite for the server.  He was trying to win a contest.  So I did.  I poked around.  At some point I must have provided my wallet for an airdrop.  It was either there or on one of their Twitter posts.  But whatever the case, one day I looked in my wallet and found that I had 1,000,000 PEPE.  After doing some research and determined it was legit, I suddenly got more interested in this project.  And now I'm a holder.

It was also how I discovered HeyWallet, which is what my last article was about.  HeyWallet supports the PEPE Solana token.  I mention this because if you are interested in getting started and learning more about this project, you can join their Discord using the link above.  There is no shortage of tips and giveaways there to help you get started.

As always I will never steer my readers the wrong way.  I will always be involved in a project before I write about it and give any recommendations.  This program is no exception.  I've checked it out, I'm active in their Discord, I'm a holder of assets.  I can say with confidence that this is a project worth checking out.


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