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Really, that is a LOT of ads!

Author: Chris P. Bacon

Thu Feb 14 2019


If you know anything about cryptocurrency, you may notice that there are an extraordinary amount of ads. I mean to a preposterous degree! And they are intrusive, they block stuff, they pretend to be something they are not. My favorite ones are the ones that cover the entire page with an invisible block that you don't know is there until you try to click something on the page. And they bait you into clicking with things like the call to action that you actually came to the page to click!

I find this especially annoying when the ad pops open a new tab, or a hidden tab, or a new window that you don't notice until you close down your browser. Or one that launches 2 other tabs, or refuses to let you close or back out. Or even worse, when one of those ads is for something completely inappropriate that would get you fired if it showed up on your work machine.

Look, I get it... People want to monetize their sites. That is kinda the whole point. No one ever put a site like that together thinking, "boy, I hope this site makes no money!"
I'm not gonna lie, or shy away from the perceived hypocrisy. I have ads on this site. Why do you think this site exists?! Yes, I want to educate and entertain people. But I also would like some return on it. So... Ads. But notice that they are off to the side, or anchored at the bottom. They are out of the way. They do not pretend to be anything other than what they are. And yes, a couple of them are direct referral links without any ad service backing them.


So I do understand the need for the ads. But how on Earth do those ad providers not get mad about people getting false clicks and bullshit impressions?

It's pretty well known that all the ads that run on those sorts of pages are low value ads. The people serving up those ads know that they are serving up ads on sites that are almost nothing but other ads. And that the users of those sites pop in, avoid the ads, do their thing, and immediately leave. So maybe they don't mind when they get clicks for accidents or spoofs... They'll pay for that. It got someone to their site. Probably more than they would get otherwise.

I think that is the only real end game. With so many 10,000's of these sites running all over the world, they are going to have millions of impressions, and 1000's of actual clicks. I don't think that the amount of spoof or bullshit data matters to them. So what if the page owners are making money off the nonsense? It's all part of the expense of advertising. Which, by the way, is another reason those ads are so ow value to start with.


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