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Satoshi Nakamoto's Identity Revealed

Author: G Money Horder

Sun May 26 2019


UNITED KINGDOM - At long last, and after a dramatic countdown, the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto has been revealed. I can only imagine that since you are reading this, you must have some idea of the history of BitCoin, and how the creator has remained anonymous and unknown for all these years. Why he did this has never been explained in any manner that makes any sense to me. All we know is that he wanted his identity to remain hidden. He invented the single most important advancement in secure transactions (Blockchain), and created the most powerful cryptocurrency known to mankind. But no one can know who he is. Yeah. That makes sense... Anyway... He has finally decided it was time to pull back the curtain.

Now, I don't know about you, but considering the name, I was really expecting it to be someone who is, you know... Japanese. In my mind, I was expecting a brilliant academic type, sort of like Michio Kaku:


Or, at the very least someone like this guy:


Who's name actually is Satoshi Nakamoto, and has had to repeatedly deny to anyone who would listen, that he was the one that invented BitCoin.

Instead we get Australian businessman, known for some questionable behavior already, Craig Wright. Who is not Japanese, or of Japanese descent, but for some reason had no problem creating a persona that was. It should be noted right here that whether or not he really is the creator of BitCoin is still open to some debate. Many people think he's been involved in an elaborate hoax for some 4 years. But for the purposes of this article, we will entertain that he is telling us the truth, for a little while.

So why now? Why the big reveal?
At this point you are probably wondering those two things. As near as anyone can tell, he has come out so that he can speak out against the way the BitCoin is currently being used. He is extremely upset and annoyed that people are using it for criminal activity.

So let me get this straight... This dude is upset because his currency is being used for money laundering, fraud, theft, ransoms, etc... This seem particularly odd to me because you know what other currencies are used for various criminal activity? ALL of them! And much of it is already untraceable.

You see, currency is like pornography. People want it. Each time a new way to get it arrives, they will use it. Once they start using it, they want to find easier ways to obtain it. And, of course, they want their activity hidden.

Is it really any surprise that a new currency that has always been touted to be anonymous, secure, and foolproof, arrives on the scene, that people would start finding ways to use it for criminal activity?!

Before BitCoin was a thing, people were using all sorts of inventive ways to cover transactions for various scams like, $5000 of iTunes gift cards, to pay off an IRS debt. Or, transfer money from this stolen credit card to this bank account... Stuff like that has been going on for years.

For Craig Wright to be upset that people have decided that BitCoin was the perfect solution for this sort of thing, is absurd. I thought this guy was supposed to be a genius, right? He invented BitCoin, man! And now he is threatening to somehow crash the system that he created and start with a new currency. So, I actually wonder if the validity of his claim is really that iron clad.

So how can we tell if this dude is legit?
I write code. A lot of code. I am quite familiar with the process of writing code for a large project, both as an individual and as part of a team. I am quite familiar with how carefully you guard that code. And it's REALLY easy to prove who owns the code. This is especially true when you are writing a piece of software that is the magnitude of BlockChain. It solved the major problem of having duplicate transactions in records. That's a pretty important set of algorithms to just NOT keep a copy of. For that matter, it's precisely the kind of thing you should have legal protection for. If not a patent, at least a trademark.
Why hasn't he provided the source code, or even a sample to prove that it's his? Or anything other than a white paper proof of concept?

For that matter, the Blockchain runs distributed across computers all over the world. The chain can be traced back to the very first block that was ever created. Where is the private key for that block? Where was the machine the the original code was launched before it propagated and expanded to become a distributed network? There had to be a first machine.

In fact, I'm not even sure that anyone knows for sure how the Blockchain code was written. I just did a quick Google Search. The first link is a site dedicated to breaking down the 6 most likely languages used. So no one even knows in what language it was written, how it was compiled, or where it started! How does that make any sense? More to the point, the real author of the program would know. And Craig Wright hasn't told us that information.

I don't know what to think...
From the moment this dude appeared on the scene telling us all that he is the real Satoshi Nakamoto, he has been on a tear of telling everyone that he does NOT approve of how it's being used, and it was not his intention, and we all suck for having adopted it with such enthusiasm. In short, he's being a real jerk about it.

And for what, really? Because he doesn't like people using the system the exact way that it was designed?! Yeah, sorry about that, dude. But I think it's best if you just hold on to all the money you made from the project and go back into hiding.

So no, I do not think his claim is valid. At least I hope not. I'm still holding out hope that the real Satoshi Nakamoto, be it an individual, or group of people, comes out and provides actual proof. I would love to see that.

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