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Brave Browser and Associated Currency

Author: G Money Horder


THE INTERNET - Every now and then I find myself going to check Coinbase to see if anything interesting is happening. Once in a while I see a new link for "Hey, check this out and we'll give you a spiffy reward." A few weeks ago, one such link told me all about the Brave Browser. And here I will tell of that story.

For the academic portion of this article, I will just link straight up to the Wikipedia entry for Brave. Because that gives a really good overview about how and why it was done to start with. One note to make here is that I did not know that the project was spearheaded by the same guy that invented JavaScript. Without that one thing, the internet as we know and love it could not exist. He is also the same guy that invented the Mozilla project. Mind blown! If you don't already know, the Mozilla project is what gave rise to Netscape Navigator, which quickly became the standard by which all web browsers were judged. That's a whole another story which we won't get into here...

Now for the personal part of this
Back to the Coinbase story... I watched the videos and I learned all about the Brave project. In short, they are pretty annoyed at how the internet browsing experience has become nothing more than a gigantic flashing billboard, just so full of advertisements that you sometimes can't even find the content on the page.

I too get annoyed at all the ads. Now, look... I'm no hypocrite. There are ads on most of my sites. There are ads on this site, obviously. But you'll notice that I keep the ads to a minimum. They are not jumping out and interfering with the content. The ones that Google places in-line pretty well blend in. And furthermore, I believe that site owners and content creators should be able to monetize their work. They absolutely deserve some meager pay for what they do. And because of this, I don't use adblockers myself.

Having said that, there are some sites that really push it. And that annoys the crap out of me. Once your ads are at a point where it takes forever to get to the content, I just shut the page and find another source for whatever it was I was looking for. So in that respect I agree with Brave's initiative to get this stuff under control.

And this is the point
The Brave browser has a pretty strong ad blocker built in. BUT - it does not lock out content creators. If you want to show ads in Brave, you can sign up to do so. But those ads will only be shown to people that specifically say, "I would like to see ads."
If you are a content creator, you can sign up to have your site listed as a Brave supporter. This site is signed up for that. This means that you can use Brave to read everything on here, and all outside ads are blocked. And that's fine with me. If you want to donate something, that is entirely your prerogative. And that is the model for which Brave is headed. To give the users the option to see ads. To give users the option to donate for content that they consider worthy.

They also run promotions for content providers who tell people about this project.

We are pretty far into this story
You are probably wondering, "What does this have to do with cryptocurrency?" I'm glad you asked. The currency that Brave uses to pay it's content creators is called The "Basic Attention Token" (BAT). It is a decentralized cryptocurrency based off of Etherium. This is the currency that they used to reward me for learning about their product and business model. That is the currency that they use for users to donate to and tip each other. That is the currency that ad creators use when paying to serve ads.

The one thing I don't really understand completely us how to actually use the BAT coin. There is a fee to convert it on Coinbase. I don't know that it is supported by any exchanges yet. And the wallet which holds what I've accumulated from the Brave browser is on a wallet that I have not been able to actually access. The coin is safe for now, so I haven't really tried very hard to offload it. So for now it is just another currency that is collecting... That's all I can say until I know more.

EDIT: Now I know more... The wallet that gathers the BAT is currently a one-way wallet. It only used for gathering tips and rewards from ads, and for sending tips to Brave partner sites. In other words, it's used to pay basic attention to others. Makes sense. From a little extra research, I see that in short time they will be making it into a two-way wallet that you can use to exchange BAT like any other coin. Just not yet.

I have been using the Brave browser
To give a quick review of the browser itself. I have it installed on one of my machines. It looks and acts exactly like Chrome. Which makes sense since it is built off of the open source of Chromium, which is the source that Chrome is built off of. So for all intents and purposes, it is no different than what I'm already used to.

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