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Introducing Upland.Me - New Game On the Blockchain

Author: Gameplayer Thisguy

Sat Aug 08 2020


BLOCKCHAIN - If you are wondering why an article about an online game is showing up here, that is a valid thought.  The answer is that the game is actually powered by the blockchain.  By "powered by" I mean that all transactions are held in that ledger.  Which is a very interesting concept.

The game in question is called Upland.Me.  Upland is a parallel world where users play, operate businesses, and connect with fellow Uplanders. They buy, sell, and trade virtual properties that are mapped to real-world addresses. Blockchain technology ensures true ownership of digital assets in Upland. The in-game currency called “UPX” fuels an open market economy.

That blurb is actually right from their site.  Saved me some typing.  It's a better description than I could have come up with.


So what's it all about?
Good question.  When you first enter the game, they give you some UPX.  As mentioned before, UPX is the currency within the game.  That coin is based on EOS.  The coin is not tradable outside of Upland yet.  Presumably it will be someday.  If I understand how things are working here, that is the whole point.  That in time, you can use your properties to earn UPX, and at some point, offload it somehow.

This is all still very new.  It's still in beta.  Anyway...  Gameplay consists of your avatar (Explorer) randomly wandering around San Francisco.  At the time of my writing this, NYC had just opened, in addition to San Fran.  Two days ago, San Fran was the only city.  The properties in the game are based on actual properties.  It uses a sort-of Google Maps engine to track the map.  It is overlayed with the actual game so we can see the individual plots.  In addition to NYC opening recently, there will be more cities opening all over the world.

Is the game fun to play?  Is it worth it?
Here we reach the review part of the story.  When you first start off, they give you enough UPX to buy 1 property.  That one property will earn you UPX over time.  Partly from people visiting your property, and party from just earning over time, sort of like interest.  The more properties you have, the more UPX you can earn.

When you first start out, you are a "Visitor", which entitles you to do exactly nothing from what I can tell.  You can collect UPX, 2 or so a day. You can open up other properties and view them.  You can be told that you can't do anything else until you become an "Uplander".  You do THAT by collecting enough UPX that your total assets are over 10,000.  

Since you can't really earn that much with only one single property, and you can't buy any more properties until you become an uplander, you are basically stuck with nothing to do unless you get more UPX.  And of course, the makers of the game have made it easy for you to do that.  You buy UPX with actual money.  You can purchase enough UPX to become an Uplander instantly if you are willing to pay $4.99.  You can of course buy more than that.  You can get 10,000,000 UPX for $9999.99, if you really feel like spending that kind of money.  That's dedication right there.

For my part in this, I really don't much feel like throwing even $5 into this game, so I've been playing around at the free level.  I've been trying to find ways to make more UPX without having to pony up.  There are ways to do this.  There are "treasures" in the form of pinatas that show up on the map.  But they can only found by following clues.  And you can't get more clues to find one without manually "sending" your explorer to places with clues on them.  Sending your explorer costs you UPX.  As near as I can tell, sending your Explorer costs around 40 UPX each time.  Considering it takes 80 days to make that back, it hardly seems worth it.

My next trick is to try referal codes
The referal code is a means of inviting others to play the game.  The link looks like this: 
Any time someone uses that code and makes it to "Uplander" status, my account will be credited as a bonus.

Now before you accuse me of shamelessly promoting this game through this article in an effort to get people to click that referal link and possibly make some extra UPX, you should probably know that I am shamelessly promoting this game through this article in an effort to get people to click that referal link and possibly make some extra UPX.  If you are reading this thing, and you have interest in this sort of thing, I encourage you to do the same thing.  Make an account, get yourself started, get YOUR referal link, and write your own article!

In conclusion
For some reason I find myself strangely attracted to this game because I feel that it has the potential to be something really cool.  And I think that this might be only the first I've seen in a new trend of these sorts of games.  In fact, I just saw an ad for a newer game that is also played on the blockchain.  Perhaps I'll check that one out and write about that one next.

For now, I'm going to see how this goes with just playing for free.  I have a bunch of money in various cryptocurrencies.  I may just go ahead and pony up the $5 after all, and see how that goes.


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