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JVHMetal Art is Changing Its Domain

Author: G Money Horder

Fri Nov 20 2020


THE INTERNET -  The top level domain for this site is going away.  It will expire in the first week of December 2020, and I will not be renewing it.  After a few years of this site running under that domain name, I have decided to drop the domain altogether and move the site to a subdomain under another one of my other top level domains.  The change is already made.  The site is already running from there.  Please update your bookmarks to:

The reason for this is pretty straightforward.  This site gets a little bit of traffic.  But not enough to warrant paying for another year of the domain name.  The only reason that this site was using that domain to start with was because I was left holding the bag when one of my clients decided they didn't want to pay for it anymore.  I had already put up the money for a few years.  Since the domain name was already paid for, I figured I may as well put it to use.

Cryptocurrency is a much saturated field in terms of blogs and other types of article based sites.  And it's damned near impossible to even be noticed.  The only way to really be noticed is to post a LOT of articles.  And I just don't have the time for that.  I also don't have that much to say.  In the beginning, it was easy.  I had a lot of ideas, because I had a couple of years worth of learning, frustration, and trial an error to talk about.  And all the stuff I've written about here is still extremely relevant and useful.  It is for this reason that I tried to sell the site outright to anyone who wanted to take it on.  I was hoping that someone out there had a passion for this stuff to such an extent that they would enthusiastically write about it.

Evidently not.  Because no one expressed any interest.  At all.

So...  I don't want to pay for the domain.  But I still have the site.  It's still here.  It will remain since it costs me nothing extra to continue to host it.  And I will continue to post articles from time to time.

For all of you reading this that have enjoyed the stories I've told, thank you very much for your interest!! I hope you're happy to hear that the site is not going away, it's just changing its address.

#bitcoin #cryptocurrency #blog

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