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Coin Birds - New Faucet / Miner / Game of Sorts

Author: Some Bird Keeper

Sat Dec 12 2020


THE INTERNET - You will soon start seeing ads for a new referral that I'm adding to this blog.  For my part in this, I saw the ad on one of my favorite faucet sites, and clicked on it mostly because it looked cute.  I was hoping for a more interactive game type thing.  But that does not really appear to be what this is about.

I would compare it to more of a faucet or a mining site.  Well, both actually.  Because you collect a "daily bonus" which is effectively a faucet, and the birds lay eggs which convert to currency, and that is more like mining.  In the end, the birds and the overall cuteness factor are really just a front end to keep it amusing and interesting.

The way it all works is that you have birds that lay eggs.  Without investing any of your own money, you can start off with a couple of free birds that produce 5 eggs an hour.  Once you accumulate a few hours worth of eggs, you can sell them off for silver.  You can then use that silver to buy more birds.  You can save up your silver and buy birds that lay more eggs per hour.

Once you have accumulated some money it is possible to withdraw to outside sources.  And a lot of those sources are supported.  These include things like credit cards and PayPal.  Which is great, because it means you don't need to provide any banking information.

For "gameplay" there is not really a lot to speak of.  I was hoping for something interactive like good old Farmville, or the billion or so other apps like that.  But this isn't like that.  It's more like a collection of summary pages that tell you what's going on, and buttons that allow you to do things like buy more birds, sell eggs, and things like that.  This is why I say that the front end of this thing is just cute for the sake of being cute.  They could have replaced the entire interface with cars, or trees, or fish, or anything really, and the "game" would still work the same way.  It's just a skin.

I've only been playing for a few days.  So I can't really say how reliable the withdrawal mechanism is.  If I am able to actually offload a couple of US Dollars to my PayPal account with no hassles, then I will be very happy indeed.  As of my writing this, I just don't know yet.  I will probably have to wait a week or two before I even try.  I will update this article once I have that.

In any case, what I always try to do with this site is to draw attention to sites where you could earn yourself some extra money, and NOT have to actually invest any money out of pocket.  That is the most important thing.  Any site that advertises big returns, but only after you invest, will get no promotion from me.

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