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The Spike I've Been Waiting for is Here! DOGE on a Roll

Author: Moneybags Chowderpuff

Sat Jan 02 2021


WORLD - I got a call from my son this morning, "Dad!  DOGE went above 1 cent!"  You might think that 1 cent is no big deal.  But consider that when I started collecting DOGE, it was something like $0.0029.  And I've been collecting for a couple of years now.

Basically, every time I wanted to cash out some crypto from and exchange or something, I would convert it to DOGE and dump it off to cold storage.  This has happened to the extent that I have a few wallets with DOGE in them, and 1000s of DOGE. The smaller one had like 3500 DOGE in it.  As of this morning, it was worth about $30.  So I swept that wallet to my favorite exchange, and sold it all off to lower value coins.  The idea is that, I know DOGE will go back down again.  So assuming I sold it at the peak of the spike (and I know it's close to that), then I will definitely make a profit when it goes back down.

By "make a profit" in the case, I am meaning that I expect to have a whole lot more DOGE once I convert it all back.  And actually, because this is all money that I literally gathered up without making any investment, it's all profit money anyway.  So whatever I get is a bonus.  What I'm hoping is that I'll have enough DOGE that I'll be able to dump like 4000 back to cold storage, and still have plenty of money left in the exchange to trade and continue to grow.

This is why I titled this entry that I was waiting for this.  Because I've been collecting DOGE for all this time hoping something like this would happen.  Please stay tuned for a possible follow up where I tell you that I succeeded or that i failed miserably.

#bitcoin #cryptocurrency #doge #dogecoin

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