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My Favorite Faucet and Mining Sites are Closing Down

Author: A Sad Investor

Sat Jan 23 2021


THE INTERNETS - I am actually really bummed about this.  And it's not just one site.  Well, kind of.  There is one site that serves as a central wallet location, and 6 or 7 others that all pay to that central wallet.  And they are all owned/run by the same group.

The site in question is Coinpot.  Their banner graphic looks like this:

That site held wallets for BTC, DOGE, LTC, DASH, and BCH.  Each of those coins had a dedicated faucet site where you could claim a few .000001 of the coins, and it would pay directly to the central wallet.  You could do that multiple times a day if you wanted.  Not only does that site serve as a central wallet for all the faucets, it also allowed mining.  So 2 of my machines have been mining DOGE and BCH for months.  

My routine has been to collect those faucets every day, and when I earned enough for a withdrawal, I would offload to one of my cold storage wallets.  I don't really know how much I made.  Probably a few $100.  But whatever that total was, it was essentially money earned with very little effort.

Why this sucks
It cannot be overstated how difficult it is to find a site like this.  I've written all about this before.  How most of those sites either don't pay anything, the amount the SAY they pay is fictitious, or they charge such high fees for every action that it's impossible to actually earn anything.  Or, and these are the ones I hate most of all, are the ones where you earn a bunch, and you are almost ready to withdraw, and the site just disappears like a thief in the night.  No explanation.  No way to contact.  The domain just goes down, and that's that.

Is this legal?  Of course not?  Is it ethical?  Of course not.  Is there anything you can do about it?  Of course not.  That is just the risk that you take.  All the time.  So, yeah, I have been thrilled to have found a site that is guilty of none of those things. And I have been using this set of sites for a couple of years, and really enjoying the benefits of their reliability.

And now they are closing down.  Why?  Well, apparently they are spending so much of their time fighting hackers that they are just annoyed and sick to the teeth of dealing with it.  So they are closing down.

This is why we can't have nice things, I guess.  Because there are too many people out there their use their knowledge and skills for evil.  And those people just mess it all up for the rest of us.

Such is the age in which we live.  Well...  Time to go find a new favorite site.  Assuming one even exists.  I will follow this up with another article if and when I find one.  Wish me luck.

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