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The Spike I've Been Waiting for is Here! DOGE on a Roll (Part II)

Author: Moneybags Chowderpuff

Fri Jan 29 2021


WORLD - Yesterday morning, I woke up and saw that the DOGE I had in Robin Hood was down a couple bucks.  I closed the app and moved on with my morning.  I didn't think about it again until an hour later when I opened up my spreadsheet where I track all this stuff and see that DOGE is now over $0.02!  This is a HUGE spike.  Literally twice as high as last time.  Now, the DOGE that was down a couple of bucks was now way up!

If you read the first version of this story a couple of weeks ago, you would know that my plan was to throw a bunch of DOGE onto my favorite exchange and start selling it, in an effort to sell off during the spike, then buy it all back when it drops again.  So that's what I did this time too.  Except that I moved a lot more.  And the priced kept going up!  I sold a bunch off.  The price kept going up.

By all accounts, this seems to be related to the same groups on Reddit that were pumping stocks like GameStop and AMC.  They seem to have decided to pump DOGE this time.  And social media latched on to it, and they did the same.  So the pump continues.  It had a bit of a snowball effect.

Last night, I was sitting there watching TV, and had the exchange open.  The price was fluctuating by a lot, and really quickly.  So much so that I was able to buy 1000 DOGE.  Wait 10 minutes, and sell it for a profit.  I did this over and over again to the tune of like $30 in about a half hour.  I know that's not life changing money.  But if you look at it as a game that pays a little bit, well, I was winning.  So, yeah, that was fun.

As of this morning, the price was still up really high.  I ended up selling more off, and then offloaded a bunch of profit to Coinbase.  I still have a bunch on the exchange.  And some of that is held in stable coins like the USD coin, Bitcoin and Litecoin.  All of which I did not have yesterday morning.  So clearly I made out well here.

So now, I'm really just waiting for the coin to stabilize and come back down again.  Unless it doesn't.  I really don't know what's going to happen.

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