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New Faucet Site - Focus Games

Author: Richie Notsorichreally

Sun Mar 07 2021


THE INTERNET - Ever since my old favorite faucet sites closed down, I've been trying to find something new.  I don't know that I will ever find a replacement for those sites.  And that sucks, because I made a lot of crypto from that.  There is no shortage of articles here talking about that.  In my efforts of finding something new, I went back to some older sites to see if there was any good reason to give them another shot.

I went and checked on Faucethub.  It seems that the owner of that site has rebranded and relaunched as Focus Games.  It's not so much a "faucet", although that is one aspect, as much as it is a timekiller game site.  The site uses FGN as it's primary token.  It uses TRON (TRX) as the coin which you can export to an outside wallet.  Of course, the great majority of what you earn is FGN.  And the more you play, the faster and more you collect.  The games are a spinning wheel, a slot machine, dice, and various lotteries.   You bet your FGN on these games. There is an offer wall where you can earn some FGN watching ads, doing surveys, installing apps, etc...  There is also a Bonus page where you can collect more stuff by completing various tasks each day.  Playing games, for example.

As you increase in levels, you are able to bet more, and therefore able to win larger amounts.  As of the time of my writing this, I've been about a month active on the site, mostly in the mornings.  Sort of letting things play in the background while working on other stuff.  I have found that the best way to make money is by being active in the chat and waiting for "rain".  The rain is their way of tipping the users for being active on the site.  Some days you get rained on a lot.  Others not so much.  The trick is to be active when the rains come.  At the meager level I am at, I earn far more that way than from the games.  But I've seen other users who are higher levels win truly ridiculous amounts.  Far higher than the rains.  In short, the rains are better for newer users like myself.

In the end, it's sort of fun to play the games, so even if I'm not earning a lot (and I'm not), it's still fun.  And I expect that as I continue to play, I may earn enough that it's worth it to cash out.  I'm just no where near that level yet.

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