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DOGE Spike, Part III of Our Ongoing Series

Author: Moneybags Chowderpuff

Sat May 08 2021


WORLD - I seriously did not expect this to become a series.  I didn't even expect to write the second one.  In fact, what I thought was that DOGE would enjoy some time in the sun, some people would make some money, and then it would slump back down to normal levels.  Instead, what happened was that the influence of Elon Musk has caused DOGE to rise up, and actually STAY there.  And it's poised to do it again.

No matter what you think about Elon Musk or Dogecoin, one thing is for sure… Musk had an effect on the price when he mentioned it. It served as not only a good pump, it became probably the single biggest jump on a single coin in cryptocurrency history.  We’re talking, by some measures, as high a 25,000% increase! I do not believe I am mistaken when I say, that is completely unheard of.

I also don't know how Musk suddenly became the single largest influencer of crypto in history, but here we are.

Is anyone planning on learning anything from this? No. Of course not. This is all a combination of mob mentality, FOMO, and people hoping to get rich. All of which bundled together to made DOGE jump straight over the Moon in less than 6 months.

If there is anything to learn from this, it would be a genius move from Musk to buy a bunch of DOGE, pump it like a madman, then then make a massive profit. Is that what he did? I dunno. But he did buy a lot of other stuff, and wasn't shy about reporting it.  He also wasn't shy about how he feels about the future of crypto. And he is making a shitload of money off of all of it. So, if we learned anything it’s that, someone like Musk can make a huge difference.

Will his going on SNL tonight make the price jump again? I dunno. But I moved a bunch onto my favorite exchange. Half of it is already set for limit orders, anticipate it to jump.  Note:  I will be updating this story after tonight's episode to report on how that went.  It will either be awesome, or an unmitigated disaster.

This is not financial advice. It could crash tomorrow too.  I always have to throw that in at the end.

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