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Coin Birds - A Follow-up - It's a Scam

Author: Internet Collector

Thu Aug 05 2021


THE BLOCKCHAIN - I wish I had a good story to tell here, but alas, I do not.  I wrote a story a few months ago about Coin Birds, A New Faucet Site.  If you would like to go read that article before continuing, that's fine.  I'll wait.

Anyway...  After about 8 months of diligently buying birds and collecting coins, I finally, at long last, accumulated enough that I could make a withdraw.  The withdraw is a whopping $1 worth of actual US $ currency.  After 8 months.  At the risk of stating the obvious, that's ridiculous anyway.  But my thinking on the matter is that now that I've purchased so many birds, it will take far less than 8 months to accumulate enough for another withdraw.

So I went to do the withdrawal, and I get a flag saying that I cannot withdraw money unless I "replenish the account".  Which is their way of saying that I need to make a deposit before I can make a withdraw.  They claim that they do this in order to keep bots from doing stuff.  There is no other way to say this, but that is a lie.

So the site is a scam
That's the short short way of saying it, yes.  No site that enjoys having a good reputation will demand that you invest or deposit money before being allowed to make a withdraw.  That is a huge red flag that the site is a scam.  Because, I already know what will happen if I even try.  First, the minimum to deposit is supposed to only be $0.50.  But there is literally no way to ONLY deposit that much.  The only systems they support for deposit won't do a transaction for less than $20.

But my bigger concern is what happens after I make that initial deposit, and they suddenly unveil another block saying that I need to deposit more before I can withdraw.  That is the way such things usually go.  But more to the point, it is absurdly stupid to invest $20 in the site so that I can withdraw $1.

There is more...
All of their methods for withdraw are unusual.  And by that I mean, many of them do not support US based users. The ones that DO, require REALLY high transaction minimums and fees.  I'm not trying to sound like a nationalist or anything.  I have no problem doing business with anyone.  But when dealing with financial transactions, it's always safe to know that they are regulated, at least in some manner by my home country.  Because if they aren't that's yet another red flag that they are not legitimate.

For the record I contacted their support about this.  I told them in no uncertain terms that what they were doing is obviously very scam-like behavior.  And I also told them that if they didn't decide to change that policy, then I know for sure they are in fact a scam.  And that I would make it known across my blog and social media that the site is a scam.

So there you have it.  The Coin Birds site that I wrote about before.  Avoid them.  Do not waste your time.  And above all do NOT invest your actual money.  They are a scam.  They are not a legitimate business.

Oh, wait, there is even more!!
Today, I had an idea.  And I figured it was a good way to test my theory as to what would happen if I actually satisfied that "replenish funds" requirement.  I had some BTC sitting on my wallet on Discord.  As it turns out, you can send microtransactions from that wallet to outside sources.  So I gathered up $1 worth of BTC, and sent it to the Coin-Birds wallet.  I knew full well it was likely lost the second I did it.  But my thinking is, it's only $1, and I literally acquired that BTC from tips.  In short it's free money anyway.

Once the transaction was complete, I went to make my withdraw.  It passed by the notification that I needed to "replenish funds", and went to a NEW notification saying that I didn't "have enough crystals to make a withdrawal."  Crystals?!  See, as it turns out, you can only earn crystals by replenishing the account.  As near as I can tell, you get 0.1 crystals for every $1 you put in.  And you need to have 1 FULL crystal for each $1 you wish to withdraw.

Now, I'm not a mathematician.  But that looks a lot like needing to put in $10 before I can even take out $1.

So, oh yes...  I was right.  Each time you satisfy a requirement, there will be a new one.  There is no way to get your money out of that system.  The site is a straight up scam.

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