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Green Rabbit - NFT Game

Author: Internet Collector

Wed Aug 18 2021


THE BLOCKCHAIN - It's been a few years now since I started up with all this crypto stuff.  And I've watched it evolve, morph, and change in ways that I never really expected.  This isn't a bad thing, of course.  This is the way things occur in a giant, unregulated system, full of people that choose to use that system in a million different ways.  Things literally evolve to suit the way that the users of the system want to use it.  It is the very definition of how a living, dynamic system works.  The first thing that we saw was faucet sites, where you could claim small amounts of crypto, and sometimes play some games to earn more.  The next evolution seems to be NFTs.  And this is where I'm headed here...

NFT games
The next step in the progression is NFT games that allow you to earn money by staking NFTs.  If you are at all familiar with the NFT world, you will see that staking is the means by which many sites are able to afford to do the things that they do.  All that network traffic costs money.  Users staking their NFTs or tokens or whatever else, is a way for site owners to pay those fees.  And in return, the site will pay the user a small amount in return.

This itself has given rise to a whole new way to encourage people to stake NFTs.  Games.  It probably goes without saying that there are a helluva lot of those games out there.  But I am today choosing to single out one in particular:

prevGreen Rabbit

This is brand new game that has really only just picked up in the past few weeks.  What sets this one apart from many of the others, in my view, is that the creators of the game worked for months to gather users in communities like Discord, Twitter, Telegram, and others, to get the message out.  This is why I know about it.  I have been a member of their Discord channel for a while.  Rather than go on about the importance of social media, I'll just paste their social icons right from their site: 

If you would like to get involved in one of their communities, that is how.

What else separates this game from the others is that the creators put a LOT of work into a full back story for the characters, a complete lore, as it were.  They have a "Green Paper", which essentially lays out the business model for the company and the game.  This along with the work that went into what the game is, and how it functions.  From a user perspective, the game works as follows...

You need to obtain a flash drive.  Just like the real world, that device has open space to which you can write files.  In this case, you use that flash drive to hold your Green Rabbit NFTs.  Whatever NFTs you put into that flash drive (note: you can have multiple drives), take up some space, and each of those items is now considered "staked", meaning that it will pay you "Shellinium", the local currency token.  For the record, Shellinium is available for trading to other tokens, like WAX, for instance.  Not that I'm suggesting you cash out right away.  I'm just saying that the option exists.  In short, you can actually make money.  This is especially true if the NFTs you have staked are very high value NFTs.

It should be noted at this point, that if you clicked the link above, you will notice that the NFTs used in the game are rather expensive.  This might come as a shock to some of you, but what gives NFTs their value, is the willingness of people to PAY that price for them.  If they are that valuable, it is because the users consider them so.

I really wish I had gotten more lucky when they were passing those things out for free over the months leading up to the game release.  Oddly enough, I somehow missed every single one.  But that is not to say I completely missed out on everything.  A few weeks ago, Green Rabbit did their initial packet drops.  These were packets of varying cost that contained a number of NFTs suitable for staking.  And the price was reasonable for this initial drop.  Consider it something like a multi-teir IPO for an NFT.

Many people bought those packets, and immediately flipped them on the secondary market.  Even the lowest cost packets, at 70WAX or so, sold for 400-500WAX!  So people were making a profit without even playing the game yet.

For my part in this
I generally don't make investments in other people's projects, or games, really.  I'm like a tiny fish in a gigantic ocean.  But in this case, Green Rabbit has been good to me.  Their Discord community has been very generous in giving out all sorts of things.  And, in doing my part, I have also donated a lot to other users.  That's what goes on there.  But the point is, they've been good to me, so I decided to invest in the game. 


I bought me a flash drive.  I got me 2 NFTs for a reasonable price, and I'm now earning Shellinium, albeit in modest amounts.  I'm pulling in like ~150/hr.  There are some players with truly colossal banks that are earning 1.7Mil/hour (I have an unverified claim of 100M.  I don't know if that was a bank or earnings).  Now that I have a bit of a base to work with, I will grow my holdings in the game.  Little by little.  In short time, I will be able to recoup my investment, and then invest more...  Wash rinse and repeat.

To be sure, I have not gotten far enough, or own enough, to really see ALL of the things the game has to offer.  So even though I am here writing an article, obviously promoting it, I can only offer the very surface of what the project truly has to offer.

In conclusion
Sorry if this whole blog post seemed like I was just rambling on about this.  It was really just fresh in my head, and thought I was just jot down what I was thinking.  But moreover, like I've said a few times in this article already, Green Rabbit has been good to me.  And I have no problem helping them get the word out about their project!  They are good people there, and I wish them the best of success!


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